What is SPEK? Limitd supply ERC20 Token!


SPEK Token is not lending platform, we are however a limited supply ERC20 Token. The ICO will offer a supply of 3 million tokens. What we do offer is THE LONG HODL REWARD by holding your coins to gain more. The longer you hold the more coins you gain. A total of 3 million tokens will be available while holding.

How will it differ from conventional staking? Let’s say 1500 users sign up and buy tokens, each of these user start staking at 0.3% but lets say 100 investors withdraw, the percentage will then go up to giving investors who hold longer a higher percentage. The more investor’s who leave the higher the percentage for the long holders. This will continue till the last of the 3 million holding tokens are given out.

Token info
Token SPEK
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Tokens for sale 3,000,000

A team of expert professionals from around the world has come together to create the SPEK Token with an aim to overcome the shortcomings of the failed ICOs to develop a token that would do well at the exchange.

While there are a number of tokens emerging in the cryptomarket, based on the lending system that invites the investors and hope that the coin price would increase in value, Kevin Kolesky, the founder of SPEK Token decided to do something different and came up with the idea to create the SPEK Token.

Kevin along with his team members researched thoroughly into the cryptomarket before finally developing the SPEK Token, with limited supply into the market.

The funds raised from the ICO will be used to fast pace the listing of the SPEK token onto various exchanges like HitBTC, Upcoming and Coinexchange among others as well as for marketing, development, handling legal aspects and security & transaction fees for the platform. The investors in SPEK Token will also have access to the Specular app for life.

This app enables the users to access token dash stats, withdraw tokens, set Buy and Sell limits, get buyback alerts as well as stay updated with all the news & announcement related to the token.

Rounds 1 $0.05 - 100 000
Rounds 2 $0.06 - 100 000
Rounds 3 $0.07 - 100 000
Rounds 4 $0.08 - 100 000
Rounds 5 $0.09 - 100 000
Rounds 6 $0.10 - 100 000
Rounds 7 $0.11 - 200 000
Rounds 8 $0.12 - 250 000
Rounds 9 $0.13 - 400 000
Rounds 10 $0.14 - 500 000
Rounds 11 $0.15 - 400 000
Rounds 12 $0.16 - 300 000
Rounds 13 $0.17 - 200 000
Rounds 14 $0.18 - 100 000
Rounds 15 $0.19 - 50 000
Bonus Round - $0.20 Refunded Tokens

I only ask that if you take part in Specular you agree never to sell below $1.00


Kevin Kolesky (ceo)


I think spek token is a great investment. I feel more secure investing in spek token than any lending plataform


I completely agree. Furthermore the CEO Kevin is totally transparent and open with the community. I recommend joint the telegram channel and participating in the great discussions. This project is solid and has a long term outlook with a positive upside. Go SPEK!!


SpeK Is a awesome concept with an even better community of creators and investors alike check out the telegram chat and chat with the big dog himself @Kevin_Kolesky https://t.me/SpekToken or ask the community. 1st ico that pays hodling rewards during the ico!!! going straight to external with a very low coin supply ERC20 Utility Token. almost forgot that these bounty claims are insane!!!


This project has a great promise. The CEO is visible and working with investors each step of the way