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Riseconnect is a self-regulated financial payment and investment fund that wants to be independent, without governmental or private intermediaries. Our network runs without having a central server, so all transactions are from person to person and they’re also anonymous, which means that there’s nothird parties involved and everything you’re going to need is a client software and a wallet address.


I really wanted this ICO to be great but as I was making my account I noticed they store passwords in plain text. Even when you reset a password it prints the supposed blocked password “hey remember to use YOURNEWPASSWORD” then emails you the new password. All it takes is for someone to hack their website and they have access to everyone’s accounts. Im not risking it when a security flaw as big as this exists.


Website is very poor designed, no 2fa security.
Be careful.


I made the video, with all the website issues, I decided not to send BTC, just following up.


Unfortunately I didn’t dig enough before sending my BTC, the resting 4.3/5 was good enough for me.
Now rating down to 3.5/5, no confermation email for my deposit and website down/not responding.
Hope didn’t waste my BTC!


Sorry about our riseconnect debacle guys. We will be more diligent next time, we promise.


Come on! This one was easy to spot as a potential SCAM.They don’t have a working BTC wallet. The fact that they ask for people to send in their TX data means is just screwed up.


Hi guys. I successfully deposited in Riseconnect, I wrote an email to payment@riseconnect.io as written in the news dashboard, and now I have about $ 1000 in btc filed correctly. I did not understand why the ranking of the site that was previously high was downgraded. Even if there is no 2FA security there is still a PIN. Honestly, it is not clear to me why it should be scam. I await your news thanks. Mark.


It seems to me a lack of professionalism and absolute responsibility of the team of ICOreview.site since they gave a high rating to this website, urging them to make investments based on their recommendation and then they remove the qualification and they do not inform in the daily bulletin.
Very very bad by ICOreview !!!


Dont just follow other people’s advice blindly, YOU are responsible for YOUR decisions. Don’t be so foolish.


Why did you guys dumped their ranks that much? Because i think theyre so visible informing us what happen about them then take acts fast. The deposit problem would be because theres so much deposit at one time tho.


and why is the ‘hype’-level on mid, when the hype is way higher than eg exacoin?

Btw, successfully bought coins today and received my Ref Bonus.


I don’t know how you guys are giving rating for newcomers on top with 4.4 rating just because their site looks little good. Please remember people are blindly following your reviews and invest millions of money. Please don’t spoil their trust. same thing happened with Laser also. Suddenly you’re making to top and suddenly dumping down. My question is without single ICO phase how can you place riseconnect in top 10 ICO list. Please be careful. Seriously pissed off. No option to withdraw BTC also in Riseconnect.


i understand. this is the last time it is happening. we had an internal issue. one of out analysts uploaded the rating without my approval first, as i was away to work on another project for 2 days. right now only i myself can make the final call to adjust the table. @akramtaj i am so sorry. i will do my best to make it back to you.

as for laser, we already clearly specified that we are rating the ICO, not the HYIP program they are providing. since the ICO never started, we never got to invest in the ICO to lose money in it.


Withdraw BTC, U will wait the ico end.


I dont think Riseconnect is that bad, since their phase 1 ICO sold out in just 7 minutes with 1.250.000 coins.


yeah if this is not a big hype, i probably misunderstood the word^^


Right now I’m not able to log in, don’t know if I’m the only one…


Riseconnect Group
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