Regalcoin Lending Discussion Review


who is lending in regalcoin? they actually have pretty high interest rates


Today, regalcoin can’t login. Why


How much ???


@admin if I wanna lending, better regalcoin or hextracoin?


I think hextracoin, because of its stability




yesterday i was thinking about lending hextra or regal. which is my consideration is, today regalcoin has entered the market but hextracoin not yet entered the market. I confused about it.
Thanks for your attention @admin @Dt.Louis.


All greetings, it seems Regalcoin is already stable, while the course is low I will buy coins, it looks reliable


we downgraded regal because:

  1. their price keeps falling but the developers are not putting any visible qualitative efforts to stem that.
  2. internal exchange has become a commonplace where even unpopular coins manage to pull off. considering how much money Regal made from the ICO and from their lending, there is no reason for them not to be making one internal exchange for themselves.


Very good review admin, because of the delay of the internal exchange the price of the regal coin drops


Have you tried to connect with them and ask what is the reason for not doing internal exchange? Because this is reallly stupid for them to lose so many patrons and supporters now


I converted my incum in regalcoin but until niw it does not appear in my wallet
This will demerit regal coin…fixed internal exchange and investors will cum


Please, does any know about Regal Coin intentions to open Internal Exchange and improve their platform? It is a pity, they had such a good start. I just withdrew money with no problem to Coinexchange and saw the rates fell drastically and the website still looks too simple. Please, share some information if you know something. I’ve invested 15% of my cryptocapital


It looked to me that withdrawal today went more smooth than before. They notified me immediately that the withdrawal transaction was successful and I saw the processing right away in the wallet. So, techincally, it looked much better. Second, I saw the money almost right away on Coinexchange, which means they don’t play games with internal transactions. So, all the ROI I did with Regal I bought the Regal Coins at a price of $5.3 which is extremely cheap for a fairly working platform(which doesn’t cheat on patrons). Even some ICOs now have higher price and we still don’t know what will be the case with them


whats the deal with regal coin


Has anyone finished lending with Regal? I have two contracts that completed their 99 day lending period and I have not received my investment back yet. My support ticket has gone unanswered as well.