Polynetwork (AI) Discussion ICO Review


who is in their lending?


I am…they forced all coin holders to lend all coins for 120 days after ICO…1.6%-1.8% daily…they are paying every day though so we will see what happens at the end of the 120 days.


it explains why the coin traded so high after ICO at 17 usd/coin, and there was no price fall just after ICO (this happens very often just after ICO), because the coin offer on exchange only created buy devs, and not buy ICO investors. But i think its totaly unfair to block coins for 120 days


i am thinking of upgrading this coin. i understand that they did force lending. but nobody lost money. they just lost some upside.

from a lending investment standpoint, this coin has had ZERO issues for me, from day 1 until now. no drama, no shit.

anybody has any issues please raise them here before i upgrade this.


btw i decided to upgrade them also because they have an internal exchange now and its working flawlessly for about a week already.


i have had zero issues with the poly platform sure they forced me to lend but it has been a wonderful ride. Zero issues in trading conversions or with interest rates.


HI Admin,

I make an investment to POLY AI

and they make autolend
and they gave me daily interest which i recover already my initial investesment.
and now still getting my daily intetest as fruit

all i can say is “Thanks POLY AI”



hi admin ,

do have any info about this maintenance issue ? at the dasboard it said that the wallet is under maintenance



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So tired of poly ai asskissing. They FORCED us into a lend. You can’t exchange their coins on their internal exchange and you can’t remove their coins from the platform for Five Days now. Why are they still on AAA1+ list? They don’t deserve that spot. You cannot freely withdraw. Personally, I feel they are prepping to exit.


Hey admiin That you have a website??? And what’s with the purse ? It I can’t withdraw money?


I told you - I just knew it. They ARE exit scamming, starting by blocking americans and giving shitty interest to those of us that they don’t directly block. I’ve disliked them from the beginning when they forced us into loans and now we can’t collect the interest on loans they forced us into. Get them off of the AAA1+ list. They never deserved to be there anyway.


I had no problem transferring AI in and out, it was instant, no problem. Only problem is transferring BTC from Coinbase, but then it’s Coinbase’s problem.
Does anyone know why ICO review marked it as “pending” though?


I had no problems too. They are paying consistently although they forced us to lend. I’ve already withdrawn more than my capital.


This is bullshit. Poly hasn’t been withdrawable for weeks. Always some iffy crap where you can convert one percent of one percent or some such shit. The owner of this site must have poly penis up his posterior because he keeps it on the aaa1++++AAAA what ever list - It doesn’t matter how crappy poly is, it is always on aaa1111AAAAA+++++ here at ico reviews of selected icos.


quiet gentlemen, which poly is paying normally and by February 8 will be available withdrawals of poli ai. be patient, you will also perform a hardfork and give Poly Pay for each Ai coin in your account.


I send AL to my accound but I still don’t see it. It was TWO WEEKS AGO! This is the txid: 0x58dff4313566e7ca8bba19fb9a0d240578d4f7045b3dba08fe4a079dd6483a8b


Poly just gets scammier and shittier by the day. Seems all tx hashs can’t be found for the last week. Btc is still locked up and can’t remove from scam site. Can only remove 1% and then the tx hash for your pitiful 1% can’t be found. Just complete the scam and drop phucking dead.


@ADMIN PLs update your review on this. Am not even able to sell my stuff on the internal exchange. and have some BTC left there which can not be moved!!


My withdrawal from March 13, 2017 Status Failed
and this coin is not fair at all with investors