OAC Discussion ICO Review


Could anyone advice me about Oalen Coin (OAC)? Is it worth to invest? I am a newbie in lending Ico. Please, kindly suggest.


The ICO of oac sold out yesterday…


i like this coin, oac token higth confident


heard the rumours is a Good to go…
coz they post in asian forum, then suddenly the coin being smash hard by them… finish when ICO still 8days to go…lol


In their whitepaper, they target is $20 on december, $35 on januari, $50 on februari, $100 next december…WOW…!!!


Lending and exchange will be on 1st Dec’17.

Since the roadmap stated that the target price is $20 hope they got a plan to make it $20…cause i got 200++ coins on hold prepared to lent out if it reached $20


depending on how many people are inside the platform can go up and get to 20 dollars


Very probably its a scam, they blocked the ability to withrawl BTC and in same time they want to make the fork, calling OAC cash or something like that pushing the peole to make btc deposits and buy more OAC coins even before desktop wallet released and BTC withrawl active, to accumulate more btc before scam exit, this is how i see the current situation


I manage to sold off my 233 oaccoin with little profit and i am contented and waited like 2 days and get back my btc however I see that there are alot more investors still waiting for the withdrawal and some say some TXID is fake as cannot find in blockchain but the admin said need wait for few hours before the TXID become valid in blockchain.

Now they released OAS which 20 oaccoin = 1 oAS (worth $599) …but i feel alot of stuffs not clear and their withdrawal system still not instant yet like hextra and bitconnect. So i exited first no matter is good or bad in future just want to be safe.

I am still waiting for tex coin and idea coin to launch lending & exchange platform.


AOC has stopped withdrawal for the past 4 days. I afraid it will be an exit scam.


i feel same too !!!


And yet icoreview is still giving a 4.4 rating, they ought to lower the rate and rate it a high scam to stop people from deopisting btc into this scam coin


what are u doing admin are u sleeping?


maybe admin is corrupted by OAC with huge btc so that admin will choose to do nothing and letting us die slowly based on her “high rating”


beware my friends, you will lose a lot btc if u based on icoreview.site’s rating


Admin is not doing a good job. He promised to check the sites but we this problem again and again. I’m losing confidence at this reviews site. i made my investment for 200 coins for OAC and now I can’t withdrawal my BTC. I don’t trust this website (icoreviews) any more


OAC is dropping at its lowest point in 24 hours at USD1.31. And my withdrwals still fail. The TXID cannot even be traced through https://blockchain.info since 15 hours ago. I believe they are faking the TXID to slow people down before they ran off with the maximum btc possible.


fake TXID


Stop believing in ICOreview.site, it is corrupted


Admin corrupted. Rate still high for OAC? Admin corrupted.