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Hi Kelly,

Just been looking around at a few review sites and I see you’ve somehow come the conclusion that MyneCoin has a high probability of a scam

Just trying to see how you managed to come up with that response as we have received no emails from yourself in regards to this?

Also if you have any questions I’d love to be able to take the time to answer them as I know we have a great team building a solid product :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing we’ve done differently is we actually have the lending platform & internal exchange ready. We focuses on ensuring the platform would work before doing a marketing push (why there is a small amount presale tokens sold - was for close contacts to get price :slightly_smiling_face: )

Anyway, would love to answer any questions that you have in order to boost MyneCoin up from the bottom of that list!


MyneCoin Support

PS. I’ve messaged on Telegram but advised you’ve gone home for the day and you have someone else performing admin on there, I’m contactable on Telegram or via email


hi. rest assured that we rate all ICOs objectively and we mean no harm or any blackmail. we do not accept or ask for any money in return for giving better ratings.

as for why your rating is so poor, its a combination of everything. your coding structure, your entry level database (mySQL), your generic UI and UX being lifted from the standard skin of all lending coin templates, no innovation or differentiation from the typical lending coin clones, your security, your server resiliency (we sent bot traffic to your site and it immediately throttled down severely) and your popularity (popularity will come by itself if you improve the other aspects).

lastly, i have a holistic approach to judging a project’s success, including most often overlooked parts such as design, knowledge of design, coding efficiency, and the coder’s logical train of thought. 1. you cannot even make a roadmap and a pie chart using simple things like HTML5 or tables with CSS. you actually made it on powerpoint/microsoft word and uploaded the whole image to the website. that method of making website was when i was in grade school computer class making my first geocities website. if you cannot even use HTML5 to make a pie chart how can you run a sophisticated lending coin successfully? 2. your referral link has two “register” words. your coder is such a lazy bastard that he doesn’t even care to move the mapping so that it can be a short and neat referral link with just one “register” word. (or he doesn’t know how to do it?)

additionally you said that the internal exchange is ready but you wrote on your website that its still under development.

if you disagree with my analysis or agree with my analysis but have no capacity to do it, i think you are better off shutting down the project immediately and do something else that you are actually good at.

however, if you think otherwise, then prove me wrong and be a lending coin that beats Hextra. i will issue a public apology for my gross mis-analysis of mynecoin.

kelly balthazar


Hi Kelly,

I think you have been too harsh on myneCoin admin and his team. His mail to you is a friendly one, you could have used the opportunity to guide the blind out of darkness into light.

You did well in identifying the flaws in their architecture. However, in pointing out the flaws in their coding, you escalated it to the level of attacking the personality of the coder instead of focusing on his poor work and providing them with a better alternative. Lets encourage people to rise out of the mud rather than tell them their place is the gutter.

Over all it is a great site you have running here. Keep the flame of exposing the con men (I have been their victim) and may they come to the light of righteousness.



As an admin, you answer questions fairly quickly i suppose. But unfortunately very non-professionally as well. If there are issues wrong with certain ICOs that you think may hinder their success I agree with pointing them out. With that being said, I do not agree with belittling or degrading a persons character because maybe they do not have the same skills as your “gradeschool” self. Theres a fine line between constructive criticism and insulting. Regardless if scam or not because they is a review site. And some of your reviews on “Good” ICOs have turned to be scam as well despite how great their UI looked and how well their coder could code.


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your replies we actually found Kellys reply very informative and some of the issues we had already known about. Like most ICO’s our first web design / instance was more of a placeholder to get the ball rolling rather than a completely finished product.

We have taken on board some of the suggestions and you will notice shortly a new dashboard, with lending and exchange showing & we are fixing many more issues.

We are currently running a Facebook competition giving away a prize of $1,000 USD worth of bitcoin, it is simple to enter just Like the page, like the post and have a registered account.

Our ICO will be relaunched next week and we are expecting great things for MyneCoins future.

We are taking our time, ensuring everything is correct and are working towards long term solutions to ensure a very stable platform for everyone

Any questions, please feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to respond :slight_smile:

We look forward to proving Kelly wrong, as she has been about some of these “Trusted” ICO’s


MyneCoin Admin



Promoters please feel free to email to find out our promoter specials!


Man, its about serious money here. I put thousands of dollars on these platforms, no time and place for nice talk, but facts. There is no such thing like ‘too harsh’. Naming things is good.
Well done to Kelly!
No place for low quality platforms here.
( And I don’t say sorry-no one apologized me when stolen my money in the past.)
Keep Up good work Admin!


We agree with you there, we are open to honest criticism as it pushes us in the right direction :slight_smile:

So keep watching for future developments !


I will


What is going on wit Mynecoin?? I dont see any updates, why its not listed as scam yet?