Martcoin Discussion ICO Review


Tối thấy nhiều người nói về vấn đề này


is this good ico?


i hope so ,im investing but i am a newbe to this crypto world so sort of flying blind but loving the ride .


I pulled my ETH, they will not release it for a week, this one is suspect.


i WTB coin Mart. who sell. PM me


Are you still able to buy martcoin in ICO?


Why I can’t send eth from eth wallet (exchange) to my wallet? There is no button to do this. Anybody could do this?


Greetings, dear administrator!
I think it’s time to reduce the rating of this coin.
Here’s what they wrote in their telegram channel on January 15:
"Dear Martcoin community,
You can withdraw ETH from now on.
Pending orders before 8 am (UTC) today will be canceled. Please place a new order to withdraw money.
In the beginning, due to being checked by many layers of security, your ETH may be coming for longer than usual. Please wait at least 24 hours before sending a support request. We will shorten the waiting time soon.
Enjoy your profits."
Already passed more than 48 hours - there is no money (status “PENDING”).


I want to supplement my feedback. The project gives money! I got mine. Thank you!:blush:


все вроде бы пока отлично!!!)):скрещенные пальцы:скрещенные пальцы:скрещенные пальцы:скрещенные пальцы:+1::+1::+1:


my transaction has status “fail” and I can’t get my eth on my wallet. Support are very bad, I wrote them 6 days ago and nothing happened… How can I get my money anybody knows?


True. I had put my 3rd withdrawal request few days back and it is still not processed. I dont know how much time will they take to make our withdrawals smooth. Advise new investors not to invest in Martcoin till the time they smoothen their ETH withdrawal process.


Why Martcoin is closed? What happened? Anybody knows? I still didn’t get my eth from my Martcoin wallet…


Has anyone been able to withdraw ETH? My withdraw been pending for a couple days now, and I have heard many others with the same issue.


withdraw ETH does not work. I’ve been waiting 8 days. Payment in the status of pending.


как с лендинга вывести свои вложенные деньги???


у них сейчас монеты по 5$!!!))