iFan ICO Review Discussion


talk about iFan here. to be honest we were wrong in this iFan analysis. we rated it at only 3.4/5 and it turned out to be a big winner. sorry about that.


can you re-analysis of all your ICO please…your site is supposed to be trusted


Well, i still think they suck (Ifan)


we are in the process of doing so.


I was involved in ifan when ICO, is now involved in lending. It’s so wonderful. If you need more information can inbox me. Be happy :grin::grin:


Why is always your review is late ?. its too late where we cant buy ICO anymore.


im late to buy this coin ico


i think to theseday, ifan good at mantain people not to hold their coin, cause noone choice to lending aspects, they choose hold coin but it been wronged, posibbly no scam, it wait to people acting, so it’s fame sustain day by day, month to month. Not just a day, Beliefs down on, it accuratelly ongoing scam.