Falcon Coin Discussion Review


Please, open discussion on Falcon Coin. There is a lot of things going on around it right now and it looks like they deserve discussion among the members. They will start exchange by Thursday or Friday this week after an upgrade, They communicate very well and a lot of people still have trust in them

Falcon Coin discussion thread
Falconcoin.co - really impressed with the team and the vision $100 FCC this year

You can call me a naive person but i still believe in this coin. They are really trying to improve. Now is the crucial time as they promised to upgrade the exchange platform these days. The guys are tough. If they fail in the coming days, it would be a pity.


Falcon is high risk but it is not true in my opinion, the rating is low. I would give them 3.8-3.9 with medium risk instead of high. Please, join the discussion


Here are some great news from the Falcon Coin finally!!!
Development Update
The exchange and overall architecture of the falcon system is finished and tested. It’s amazing and running flawlessly. We are now going to start the migration process of all our customer accounts. Short service interruptions will happen while we get everything set up on the production servers.
Once everything is ready to go we’ll announce the launch of the new exchange. btc withdrawals will be activated and our new security measures will ensure everything stays perfectly safe moving forward.
We appreciate the patience everyone has shown it was an extremely hard decision to take the longer downtime and build this system but it’s a million times more secure, runs extremely fast and smooth, zero exchange fee’s and it’s a much easier system to use. We’re excited to now take falcon to the next level and start working on some new features that will set falcon apart from all the other lending platforms.
A global marketing campaign is also scheduled to begin over the next few days which will really help boost overall visibility and traffic to the site. We’ll share more on this once we get the core systems up and running.


I would ask the admin to check the bugs in the new exchange of the Falcon in the coming days. It doesn’t look like they want to exit scum at all. They’ve been very communicative and doing hard work behind the scene!!!




Falcon team relaunches its platform in 4 hours(the website looks good), please, can you make an update tomorrow regarding its work etc?



Falcon Coin
44 mins ·

Development Update

New exchange is up and in trading halt for a short period to allow time for everyone to reset buy and sell orders.

BTC withdrawals from the system are now activated.

All buy and sell orders have been reset. But while in trading halt we are accepting new buy and sell orders. When we go live the exchange will process all orders in the cue.

Lending interest has had some issues, we expect these to be resolved ASAP and any missing interest will be automatically credited. We can see the accounts effected and there isn’t a need to open a support ticket.

Over the last week it has been extremely frustrating for our development team given the time of year. A lot of our major 3rd party suppliers have been on very limited support which has made this migration very difficult. As our team has been working through our pre-launch check list we have been constantly faced with long delays waiting on 3rd party suppliers. We sincerely apologise for this delay and hope that falcon can now provide a very solid foundation moving forward.

We have made some huge upgrades to the platform improving security, exchange and the overall architecture of the platform. I know a lot of of comments blast our management team constantly for these delays which a shame. It’s our responsibility to ensure the safety of tens of thousands of accounts in an environment which is extremely prone to hackers and fraudulent activity.

Our team has worked extremely hard and is very passionate about building and running the best lending platform in the market, this will take time and won’t be an overnight thing.

The lending platforms that pop up overnight also disappear just as quickly with everyone’s money. Our goals and vision have been very clear from the start and we’ll continue to get better everyday.

When we make announcements we make them with the best intentions at the time but we are always subject to things going wrong or relying on 3rd parties for key elements which are out of our control. It’s a hard balance keeping the market updated vs not saying anything. We have been improving our messaging to the market but again, we apologise this hasn’t been as smooth as we had hoped.

2018 will be a huge year for the falcon community and we’ll continue to stay 100% focused on the task at hand. Once we get through this part and everything is stable we’ll release a detailed road map for 2018.

Thank you to everyone for the support and let’s take falcon to the moon. :rocket:


Falcon launched a great Internal Exchange! Finally! Everything is working just nice


Falcon is a hidden treasury in my opinion -they are improving very fast and soon will hit $10 - $15 per coin - until the end of January. Here is the link about how they drastically improved just for the last two weeks:



Falconcoin - Vote Now For External Exchange!!! In this video I tell everyone about the voting poll thats going on right now on the Steneum Coin Facebook Page, to vote for new coins to be added to their new market exchange called the BitStenMarket! Electroneum is in first place right now with 450 votes, and Falconcoin is not too far away with 135 votes, at the time of this video. So theres no reason why Falconcoin cant reach the top spot quickly! SO PLEASE GO VOTE NOW!!! And if you dont have an account yet at Falconcoin, use the link below to get setup now!! Join Falconcoin Now - https://tinyurl.com/y8zp6ame


The Falcon platform is a fucking joke. Do not throw your money into this program. It’s shit. These people have the conversion price for FFC set at $10. So, you must pay this much to convert your USD from lending. (Why not just pay us in btc?) Then, go to their internal exchange and the price is less than 30 cents. So, if you earned $1000 lending interest… if you want to convert it and withdrawal, you end up with $30. Wtf?

This is NOT a good program. Mostly one scammy youtuber is pumping this program. He likely has some kind of under the table deal with them.

Do not lose your money here. Don’t believe any of the hype. If you lend here you will lose your money.


If you spend 100 $ you will get interest on the 100 $. The 10 $ conversion rate is a bonus for the future. And you can more easily get the extra bonus percentage with the 10 $ promo.
Please do not bash something you are too lazy to understand or investigate in depth.

No one will give you a interest for 1000$ if you actually only invested 100 $. Money does not magically appear because you want it to…

If market grows and other investor later want to pay 10 $ per coin then you will get the promo lending money and interest. If you you still get interest on the money you actually put into the platform. Difference to other platforms is that this makes Falcon stable for a long term.

Mooning and get rich quick days are gone and people need to understand that. this is long term lending and interest gain. At least in Falcon it is.


it’s useless if you guys want to lending & staking through this platform at this time.

Because they wont let you withdraw your actual profit, With indirectly adjust the converting price of lending to $10, you just got 5% of your actual daily profit with the actual price right now $0.30 - $0.50

And it will “Force” you to hold your coin with unlimited estimation times. Or if you want to withdraw it “you’re very welcome” but with 5% of your profit actual price.

You must wait until the market price reach $10 with unlimited estimation time

People want to lending and gather their daily profit with exactly what they see. That’s how you build the trust.

far away before they implementing the current systems, the price always stay at $0.20 - $0.30.

And they claim that people always sell the daily profit, that’s the issue that makes FFC price not mooning. bla bla bla.

So CEO have an idea to “make them lock their profit” with lending promotion, basically it’s manipulate the lending price at $10. But for the consequences, it will has the same impact for exchange rate if you want to collect your daily profit.

And guess what… By this time the price just raise $0.10
so the current price stick at $0.30 - $0.50.

Soooo, by this time lending investor stuck under converter rate and they can’t withdraw with their actual profit.

Aaand the price doesn’t seem make any big improvement.

In this situation i will make a recommendation to all my friends all of you to do some trading activity in falcon. Because it more have a benefit rather than lending / staking.

i don’t care with “admin” / “CEO” / “people that already blind love” argumentation, Because it’s hard to argue with the “Inside” people.

But this’s the true situation, the real situation at this time that you guys must know.


Please if you are to lazy to understand it then do not invest.

I still don’t get what is not clear to some people:

  1. you put in 30 $ in BTC
  2. you buy coins on the exchange (lets say 1 FFC = 0.3 $) - you get 100 FFC
  3. you invest those coins into lending - at 10 $ per coin (promo) - 1000 $
  4. now you have invested 1000 $ and get interest on that
  5. your interest is paid to your USD wallet. Lets say 1 % = 10 $
  6. you have a choice now - you can reinvest that 10 $ or you can buy BTC
  7. if you reinvest - you exchange 10 $ interest to FFC (exchange is 10$ = 1 FFC) - you get 1 FFC - when you lend that 1 FFC you are lending again at 10 $ per coin so it is 10 $ reinvest
  8. if you buy BTC - you exchange 10 $ interest to FFC (exchange is 10$ = 1 FFC) - you get 1 FFC - you go to exchange and sell you FFC for BTC – you get the market price (if price is still 0.3 $ per coin you get 0.3 $ - AND THIS IS SAME AS IF YOU INVESTED INTO LENDING 30 $ AND GOT 1 % ON THAT - YOU DO NOT LOSE ANY MONEY)
  9. what is great with the promo is that if price goes up to 10 $ on the exchange you will get the 10 $ interest per day (if interest is 1 %) from 1000 $ lending investment - AND REMEMBER YOU PUT IN ONLY 30 $
    Also it is much more easier to get to the bonus thresholds with the 10 $ promo than if there was no promo

So there is no difference to a platform that does not have the 10 $ lending promo. But at Falcon you can only get more for your initial investment in lending if the price goes up - and no other platform does that.

Also Falcon is the platform for long term investment and interest gain. If you want mooning please look somewhere else. Mooning broke DAV and BCC - so if you want that please go somewhere else. Falcon is here for the long haul.

Hope that is clear… If people expect to get free money then they are a joke or need to investigate better before writing negative stuff


I think they have give us the trust we need by not manipulate there price with us they can do well let give them all the support they need


Try to stop using the word “IF” because :

IF they are not manipulated the lending price, then it going sustainable as they expect.

IF lending price = market price, mooning will easy and it will build trust.

IF daily profit = our actual profit, then new investors will come.

IF they’re telling you about $10 lending price at the begining of ICO, then ICO will get failed.

IF we know about this at earlier, then we’re not invested in falcon.

IF you must wait with unlimited estimation times, then you must be a dumb people.

IF you get flying high with $10 and force people to buy buy buy, you must be a newcomers with a blind truth.

IF they claimed to be a sustainable platform, then why they manipulate the lending price? sustainable is just a sustainable… there’s no manipulate word inside it.

And for the last

IF You know about the true situation, why you kept defend them? ah… you must all in under $0.30 and hoping the new investors to pump until $1 ?? make sense.


Like I said before please stick to you platform and don’t say negative stuff about Falcon IF it is too difficult too understand for you…

We will see in the end who will succeed.

You came here bashing Falcon obviously as you are scared of competition for your platform… Pretty petty …