ECOMCASH ICO Review Discussion


New ICO called Ecomcash. Different referral structures. trying to innovate. earn points for that. what they build also requires technical expertise so this shows they have skilled programmers on board.

check them out:


Im trying to sign up, but I keep getting this error.

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.




Look great,

I just read their whitepaper. As admin comment, seem that dev team very professional and marketing team is also good with remarketing ads.

I will join with some ETH and wait.


I just created an account here and deposit ETH successfully.


I don’t see 2FA…


they have 2FA sent to your email


they are asking me for a confirmation code sent via email to log in. but i dont see any in my inbox or spam. anyone experiencing this ?


I wonder how to buy ico, anyone can help ?


I just get error with ecomcash web.
I cannot signin, because I type wrong password.
But when I click Forgot password, I suddenly access to my account.
Anyone can check it?


@admin do u have ref link ?



I have signed up and I keep getting an error “Confirmation code is wrong!” when I type it in from my email.

What is going wrong?


Wait for like 3mins, check ur email again, if the code has expired click to send code again, this time it will appear immediately on ur email


Each code expires in 5-10 minutes time


Ok, I’m waiting 3 mins even tho it’s already sent to my email to use.


Thx…I’m in now :wink:


So how does buying really work ? is it similar to uch and exa ? on the ICO page there’s this pre-register thing which I dont quite get.


“Pre-Register” is great new function at ECOMCASH, never see it before.

We don’t need to wait until 25th-Dec to buy ICO ROUND 1. Just create a Pre-register order and go to sleep :slight_smile:

I just done for some ETH which i deposit yesterday, hope my booking soon enough to buy ECIO token.


can’t login