Crest Token ICO Review Discussion


Crest Token is a platform built off an already successful ecommerce and affiliate marketing business that generates roughly 20 million unique visitors per month with an average of $783k per month in revenue. Crest creates partnerships between users and consumers that allow them to invest in our marketing business and in return receive a daily dividend of profits.

  • Real Life Team (LinkedIn + Facebook Verified)

  • Live Proof. At any given time anyone can request our real time analytics from our current business, including income earned and traffic generated

  • Legal Entity. Crest is an actual Corporation registered in the UK

  • Proven Track Record. The team behind Crest was one of the largest affiliates in Bitconnect, sending just under 100,000 referrals earning more than $5 million worth of BTC within 6 months before they closed.


admin, this is good ICO,