(BTL) Bitlendcoin ICO Review Discussion


the only reason i like this is because it has an exchange already, and it doesnt look like its a placeholder. i inspected it and it’s a real exchange made. they also can do ETH and BTC. well made codes on the backend, no bugs i found as of now.


its v.good for all


Its dashboard is very smooth and simple designed which I most preferred. Transaction was quick too.


So do u recommend this new coin?


I can’t find the home page for BitlendCoin, i wanted to read their White Paper & their road map.




Its gonna be one of the best


it could do well.


good ico for all


5USD per coin in ico is crazy


Join… bitGlare… you ll get 50$ sign up bonus… heee heee…


Sent ETH, followed transactions, which go to 0x4928eAF8276fbE3F1f1d659933FDF0453a404B72 then they go everywhere from there? is this right ?


it was empty… and its not contract account nor verified contract address… i think i ll not join them


… its a sample…>>> cointeum would be better ,coz they have ether add which “verified”


I sent some ETHs there, and the transaction is confirmed (more than 400 confirmations), but my eths are not showing on the wallet. I contacted them but no response so far… Nor in Facebook or in the tickets system.


Just tried to join, and been waiting for their email in order to confirm my account/email address for the last 30 minutes, anyone with similar experience out there? does it usually takes this long?


ETH does not come to the wallet. Support does not work. Scam!


takes some time for eth to come over


overall i think this is a good coin; not 100% sure why its not getting the hype it deserves for having its exchange platform already ready…


it’s not about ETH, but about the fact that the coins went somewhere further.
There are no records in transactions