Bitconcent ICO Review Discussion


they got the block explorer, exchange and lending ready, although it’s disabled, so i couldn’t see if it’s just a placeholder or it is really working.

they did say that they will be listed externally on the last day of the ICO. if it is true, then this is a pretty legit one.


I hope I can double my BTC here


Real Project, Don’t miss it broo


Is this legit ICO program?


Project super compare 2 all others …ico finished after nxt second coming to exchange …it should b great great and check road map vry clear …100% genuine and good response from BTCC TEAM …it’s going 2 bhoom in nxt month soon buy all


This is a great ICO with ready exchange, @admin please rate it before we dive in =)

@admin we are always supporting your ratings and knowledge before diving in in any ICO, so far so GREAT =)


but they have really laggy database. seriously. im quite pissed that they dont bother using a more expensive one. probably using mySQL. @raz


@admin maybe because of the system they have already in the platform, I mean the stuff for tradings?

Also I see this image which is also used for banking if I am not mistaken? With UK base website. Please we need your expertise about overall knowledge and ratings as I am not a pro technically.


no this is very easily bought for $90. dont look too much into that. even the company name and the GB. theres a service online that helps you do it in 1 day for $90. you can have [RAZ GB LTD]


Wow, ok thank you so much @admin. I will wait for your signal =)


did any one try to withdraw BTC or ETH from this platform ?


That is My Team, A big team I will not leave this ICO

The website always update and admin fast respone to solve our problem … this is a good ICO
Please contribute just a little


Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:43]
what database are you using?

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:45]

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:47]
Hi kelly

BTCC CHAT, [09.01.18 01:48]
Hi Kelly…

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:48]
What kind of database are you mean?

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:48]

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:49]
Web engine yes, we use mysql

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:49]

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:49]
thats enough questions.

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:49]
thank you

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:49]
i expected better db

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:50]
Mysql enough for now

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:50]
yeah for now if you decide not to proceed after you finish ICO

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:51]
mysql is the worst

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:51]
its a freebie software for students learning DB the first time

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:52]
you have no ambition

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:52]
mysql is what CS 101 class learns

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:52]
first day in school

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:52]
first DB class

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:52]
you are handling millions of dollars

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:52]
yet you dont even want to spend on a better DB


Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:54]
Our system is possible to move to MariaDB

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:55]
I am sorry about failed to record referral link

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:55]
I got a problem with sucuri firewall

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:56]
But solved now

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:57]
Kelly, can you give us advice?

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:57]

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:57]
You have experience with many ico

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:57]
the advice is you should use Angular JS 5, frontend and NodeJS+MongoDB as a backend

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:58]
it is cheap

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:58]
and good

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:58]
but you use mySQL is no forgiveness.

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:58]
this is a serious matter

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:58]
you are a bank

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:59]
you are asking money from people

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:59]
people who put their life savings

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:59]
you are not making an online game

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 01:59]
I am not familiar with MongoDB, but I will take a look

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 01:59]
you are collecting 10 million dollars. why do u use freebie entry level DB?


Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 02:01]
Okay, at first time I think mysql is enough, Because I have houndred program running long time with billion data

Jimmy Chan, [09.01.18 02:01]
but I will follow you

Kelly Balthazar, [09.01.18 02:01]
you have no sense of responsibility. its people’s money you are talking about. and you say “i think its enough”


Thank you Kelly for clearing that point.


i am having trouble withdrawing money from this website company. i hope it isnt a scam…


join this chat to complain.


thank you for the link, this will be my first ico. and already worried the fact that i am unable to withdraw. for the time being i guess ill wait in the chat room… if you can help get me in touch with this website owner somehow… ill be greatly appreciated. hopefully this can be a misunderstanding like technical error and not a scam. i am also new to the and what interest me is that it claim this company have a very low risk when it comes to scam.


UPDATE: i think i successfully pending transfer. finally got the email notice to confirm the transaction. i guess i did something wrong earlier. well this gives me hope now ! i just wanted to split my investment. o.o