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new coin added: bitcoinfor


English is not the best on site, also their name on the dashboard is Biconfor while on logo BitcoinFor.
I cant understend how much will costs the ico.

The company address is in france while the contact number in Singapore… a bit confusing to be honest.
Cant find any info on Jabari (the registrant) and even from city and state. (for sure not in France).

My 2 cents.


pasta frollina?


But the ico start??


yeah it has started, but the timer is not working. for the starting time everyday, see it on our website calendar time


so it did not start…


is this ICO good one to invest in?


Does there website workanymore?


not able to log on now.


What’s wrong with the site


Withdraw ETH 15 hours ago. Only pending.


Hey Admin, Why did you downgrade this ICO. They do need a whitepaper and more details regarding their lending platform but i still would like to know the reason for the downgrade…


Hi this was recently downgraded, can you explain why?


@24k thanks for your question. the biggest reason why we (our analysis team) was very excited about this was because it has a working exchange. they are basically using the exchange to ICO. as you know, one of the biggest reasons why lending coins exit scam is because they actually do not know how to make an exchange, so they just pretend that they will make one after the ICO ends, typically they say in 1 month’s time. but for bitcoinfor since they already have the exchange running, we believe that there is almost zero chance that they will exit scam after the ICO. having said that, they still got downgraded by us because they are UNRESPONSIVE to any contact. they have no telegram, twitter or fb. never replies emails. we had no choice but to downgrade them. it somehow felt like this project is not manned and is on autopilot, or some AI operating it. the countdown timer also never works so nobody exactly knows when the ICO each day is.


Admin, do you know when will the ICO end and start internal exchange?

because i can find it on the website


This coin had mid hype and mid moon just a few days ago. Why is the hype and moon very high now?


anyone care to share their telegram channel?