Bitcoin Growth Bot ICO Review


All discussion of Bitcoin Growth Bot can go here. To start off, let’s cover why it received its rating.


hi there. right off the bat, i hope i’m wrong with my rating. because this bitcoin growth bot is starting to receive quite a lot attention, and i think theres alot of people thats gonna put their money here. so i would hate to see people lose their money.

in fact, its traffic also has picked up since i reviewed it. so from that alone, it’s hype i may get to either a low or medium, depending on my matrices later. i’ll do that after i finish writing this post.

  1. positives: the founder showed his face. we immediately get excited because by default it eliminates a big probability that this project might do an exit scam. some credit goes to that. let’s put a pin on that for now.

  2. the token will be immedately trade-able on the exchange. that made people cheer. but thats a given for any waves token. just like trading ERC20 tokens in etherdelta. theres a gazillion of those that are priced at 10 cents or less. there’s no inherent value in the fact that a waves or ERC20 token is going to be tradable on the exchange, unless you deliver on your promises on that token.

actually, that is kind of where the positives end. now for the negatives:

  1. surface negatives: as a programmer and web developer i naturally have a keen eye on how meticulously or how poorly a website is built. meaning, what tools you can use to portray the illustrations that you need to – such as deploying HTML5, or playing and manipulating CSS classes, etc. well, i’d have to tell you this one is one of the most poorly built ones – for example, something as simple as creating a css table to explain lending returns, they had to screenshot it from an excel and paste it on the site. to me, that simply means he’s either lazy, or incompetent about web development. if he’s the former, then i question his intentions on this ICO in the first place. if he’s the latter, then i wouldn’t trust my money with a person who doesn’t have a competent team to build what web functions a lending coin requires.

  2. the whitepaper goes on and on about how successful the bot that he created is. its already proven that it is successful , and how he will openly reveal all the trades in the future, etc. basically, he is claiming that he created a bot that can generate monthly consistent returns (like all other lending coins as well). but then at the end of the paragraph he says that this bot will only be a successful “money making machine” if applied to Nucleus coin only because nucleus coin’s “internal demand”…? so it gets really confusing because in the beginning he declares that the bot has proven itself successful. but on what basis, since he says it will only work on the soon-to-be issued nucleus coin.
    —> im just playing along with his claim of this bot. but you know what, i need to tell you, that i know for a fact that none of these bots exist. i have worked on 3 lending coin ICOs as an outsourced programmer, and all this claim about volatility software / trading bot is bullshit. there is no such thing. the interest on lending that they pay everyday is literally from the price appreciation of the coin that they’d have to continually pump and hype up so that the treasury coins will always appreciate in USD value and be able to pay the lender. if any of you still believe that there is such a thing as a trading bot for these lending coins, let this be your “santa claus doesnt exist” moment in your adult life. —> so the fact that this this ICO trying to frame itself as a “legit” lending ICO with transparent bots, is, to me, making it less legit.

  3. he is trying to raise $1.95 million dollars in pre-ICO sale. using this massive amount of money, he claims, he needs to build a team, run the actual ICO in january, build the lending platform, the bot, advertising, etc., the usual stuff these pre ICOs claim to use the proceeds for. but because i have been in a lending coin ICO development team before (one of the most successful ones, hint), i can tell you that there is nowhere near that $1.95 million of expenses that you will ever need! to me, this raises a very big question. i can tell you that the one i had worked on, spent 1/5th of that money to achieve what it is today.

  4. conclusion: 1) current team has very poor knowledge of basic programming and web development skills. 2) trying to sell a product that doesnt exist (please prove me wrong by being successful). 3) trying to get us to pay for his expenses from the start. (he hasnt built anything yet. not even the lending platform) – yet fundraising a much bigger amount of money than what he would ever need for the things that he claims need to be done… what i predict he will do? i believe that, he will do a soft exit scam. after fundraising successfully from the pre ICO, he will delay developments on the things he has promised on, citing newfound issues and conflicts between partners, founders, and whatnot, while he sets off with his pre ICO and ICO money. like electroneum.


Just a heads up, not that there is anything wrong with this. I’m sure it happens ALOT. But investors beware, I know for a fact that 30 major promoters on youtube have been paid hansomly to begin campaigns pumping this ICO. (drop the mic)


No such thing exists


That thing does not exist. I cannot prove it to you, you just have to think about it logically. I have been around the backstage in this lending coin world, and there is no such thing. It’s all a ponzi.


I have seen a little backstage myself, tip-

dont always believe the presale numbers, they are ballooned to create the illusion of demand and scarcity, and stir up FOMO. In fact if an ICO has steady numbers during a presale, they might be more trustworthy than one that is gone in a minute.


Bitcoingrowthbot is a coin that existed way back in september 2016 it was listed on coinmarketcap, if you use the keyword: nucleus token on coinmarketcap, there had also being a thread on bitcointalk about the exit of this coin and the team behind it, if you make a deep research, you will come up with a result. The current team lead that claims to be the founder of bitcoingrownthbot (Nucleus Coin) has distanced himself from having any knowledge about this. Yet it is a clear indication that this coin existed before. To my own analysis, I feel that the previous exit might have happened, because the founder being a amateur webmaster couldn’t not come to terms with his dev team at that team, why do I imagine this? The guy Jordan, doesn’t look to be a coder, he could probably be a trader or an internetpreneur. You can see him posting on the website that he is hiring, what message is that sending? Trying to revive an old business and now looking for partner. We all know that a real fresh ICO can’t be presented to the public without having an dev team in house. These team should have been working tirelessly prior to the ICO lunch date. Lunching an ICO and then start looking for dev team is a forward message that the founder is not professional and in the case of Nucleus Coin, He is probably simply trying to revive a dead coin. He made an update the other day that ICO will be handled by the waveplatform. This is very clear that he still doesn’t have a dev team and there is no platform in place to handle the ICO sales. To confirm this, ICO Presale is December 1 and he is still in search of a dev team, you can check the website, that announcement is still there.
I hope people will be wise enough to avoid this. You can go to youtube and search for this fellow: Mike Michaels then search his channel for bitcoingrowth ICO to see what I mean.


They aren’t the same Nucleus.


Bitcoin Growth Bot was Launched Successfully

Nucleus (Bitcoin Growth Bot) on Waves is still at ICO Prices
Code: C7kLesHCnqhDSNNgTuCiiMGr3qaEX1oGAXiJ8gTqzyku


they are using the same name and symbol of a past failed coin, which they claim they have no association with. this raises a red-flag because they were lazy and didnt take all of 10 seconds to search on coinmarketcap for the same name. if you do get into this one just do it as a day or swing trade. dont hodl it now. you can always jump in later once they prove themselves over some time. be smart and be safe



I’m invested with a small amount since 2 weeks and that’s what I can say so far:


  • REAL trading bot which is trading on forex and is 100% traceable by two third-party-apps
  • Very small yet super active and helpful community.
  • Clear communication by the founder who is very active on Telegram and approachable also for critical questions (of course not rude ones or trolls who just enter to bash this project, who would want that?)
  • Start of lending program announced for early March. Again I want to point out with a REAL bot, since no other program does have a real traceable bot atm.


  • Bad and unprofessional designed homepage ( Founder promised on update very soon).
  • So far no real team behind the project who is working fulltime on it (besides founder ofc). Job positions were listed on the homepage but are gone now, no clue if an actual recruitment took already place. If so it should be announced on social media to gain more trust for the project.
  • No planned listing on Exchanges. However, you don’t really need that for a “good” lending program (e.g BitConnect, which I still think is a scam but I’m also invested in but will get out soon).
  • They REALLY need a good graphic designer, their whole CI looks like out of the 90’s.

Overall I’m super hyped for this project since there actually is (once again) a REAL bot which brings real returns, that’s kind of a gamechanger. You can track it’s performance and it’s transparent. Didn’t expect that tbh when I first heard about it on Quora 2 month ago. NCL (the coin used for the bot) already made a nice amount of gains in this short period of time. If everything stays according to plan and marketing and redesign (especially redesign) is done well, this coin will most likely reach something between 50 and 100 USD by mid 2018. Yes it a gamble, yes it’s still very high risk and stuff can go wrong, but so far this is the most promising and transparent lending platform I know of ( correct me if I’m wrong and there’s something better out there. And by better I mean more transparent and a real bot which can bring higher profits.

Seriously consider investing before lending starts in March, since the price will high likely rise a lot then. So far it’s still quite cheap to have.

Cheers, over and out!


I am not sure why you posted this. It is not true. Not one person was paid to promote Bitcoin Growth Bot.

Here is the email sent to youtubers during the presale.

Now I believe in marketing as it gets the platform in front of viewers and youtubers will be offered to promote Bitcoin Growth Bot lending launch on March 5th.

I wanted to set the record straight for the community.


the rating of this one is by far off, nucleus and btc growth bot is a steaming project that is heading fullspeed ahead, CEO is always active. why is the scam on “very high”? you are the owner of your own coins in waves wallet. bullshit rating! this one is 4/5 minimum